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Design Academy Guest Speakers

Each of the HarperCollins Design Academy courses will provide opportunities for students to meet and learn from industry professionals and HarperCollins design directors. The Academy has lined up some amazing guest speakers for each of our courses.

We have a tremendous line-up of design professionals from all corners of publishing, who represent many genres and will lend their time and expertise to assist students in their learning. Some of the industry professionals who will take part in the various courses’ breakout sessions are:

Kieron Lewis

Kieron Lewis

Freelance Graphic Designer and Public Speaker

Kieron Lewis is a South London-born freelance graphic designer, public speaker and host on Adobe Live.
His work covers a range of disciplines including, editorial design, branding and marketing. Over the years, he has designed numerous self-directed and client-based projects for clients such as, Harper Collins, Levi Strauss, D&AD and Penguin Books.