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Author Academy Admissions

If you have a story to tell but think voices like yours aren’t heard…

If you’ve been writing for years but can’t get a foot in the door…

If you know there’s an audience for your words but don’t know what the next step might be…

… the HarperCollins Author Academy may be the right place for you.

Wait no longer…

The HarperCollins Author Academy is a brand-new initiative offering free training to support writers from underrepresented Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds. Launched by HarperCollins UK and headed by Rose Sandy, Publishing Director for Harper Non-Fiction, it aims to provide authors from underrepresented groups with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

The Academy offers three courses, covering three different genres: Fiction, Non-fiction, and Writing for Children. The courses will run remotely for 6 weeks, with weekly live-streamed tutorials and access to other course materials. Additional on-demand masterclasses cover the fundamentals of publishing as a business, and you’ll be supported by a mentor throughout.

Your backstage pass

Once you’ve put your thoughts into words, you’ll learn how get your work ready for publishers.

Our courses offer crucial insights across a range of industry topics, including:

turning an idea into a solid book proposal;
working with agents, editors and publishers;
contracts, copyright, and royalties;
genres and formats;
the craft of storytelling;
author branding.

Before you apply

When you complete the course, you’ll be awarded the HarperCollins Academy Certificate. You’ll also be invited to join the Academy’s Alumni Network and connect with fellow students and industry contacts.

Please do read our enrolment criteria. Motivated writers and budding authors can apply for one of the Academy’s limited 45 places in January 2024 split into three live teaching streams as shown below:

Fifteen places in the Writing Fiction Course, which runs every Thursday, 10.00 – 12.00
Fifteen places in the Writing Non Fiction Course, which runs every Thursday, 13.00 – 15.00
Fifteen places in the Writing for Children Course, which runs every Wednesday, 10.00 – 12.00

So don’t miss out!

Please only apply for one course. Applicants will be selected based on samples of their work, assessed by a panel of HarperCollins experts.  The course is free of charge, all students need is a computer and internet access.

Please note that in order to apply for the HarperCollins Author Academy you will be taken to a blind recruitment system to complete an application. Some of the wording will refer to CV’s and ‘hiring’, please ignore these references as they do not apply to the Academy.

Enrolment Criteria

The HarperCollins Author Academy is running three separate courses for:

Nonfiction; and
Writing for Children.

Applications for enrolment for all courses should be received by the date specified. No applications received after this date will be accepted.

You may only apply to enrol in one course however successful applicants will still be able to access materials from other courses.

Applicants for enrolment in the HarperCollins Author Academy must:

Be resident in the UK or Ireland;
Be 18 years old or over at the date of course commencement;
Be from a Black, Asian or a Minority Ethnic background;
Have access to the internet and a computer / laptop which is in in good working order;
Make their applications in the English language;
Not be represented by a literary agent at the date of course commencement

If you do not meet these criteria your application will not be progressed further. You may only apply for yourself and not on behalf of another person.

There is no charge for enrolling or participating in the HarperCollins Author Academy but successful applicants will need to cover their own costs and expenses.

By applying to enroll on the HarperCollins Author Academy you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions. Any breach of these terms and conditions by you will mean that your application will not be valid.


Each course on the HarperCollins Author Academy can accommodate up to 15 students.

HarperCollins will select the successful students in its sole discretion and HarperCollins’ decision as to who to invite to enrol shall be final.

Successful applications will be notified by Friday, 15 September and will be given more detailed course terms to review and agree.

The Course


The HarperCollins Author Academy courses will commence on the week of 25th September 2023 and continue for a period of six weeks (the “Term”).

The course will comprise various training sessions, including pre-recorded videos and inter-active webinars, and coursework.

There will be live webinars facilitated by HarperCollins Author Academy tutors in specialist fields lasting approximately two hours in each week of the course. The live webinars could take place during the working day, or evening. Students must attend the live webinars and it is up to the individual student to plan accordingly. We firmly believe that the more students put in the more they will get out of the course and active participation in the live webinars is encouraged.

All other modules and work must be completed in the student’s own time during the Term.

The live webinars will be recorded for students to re-watch and for the HarperCollins Author Academy facilitators to monitor progress and students will be expected to give consent for their contributions to be recorded for this purpose.

Students will retain copyright in any material that they create during their course or submit before, during or after it.


During the Term of the course each student will be provided a HarperCollins mentor to help guide the student through the publishing process and be a sounding board for questions.

The mentor will not provide editorial advice about the students work.


At the end of the course, and once a student has completed all masterclasses and assigned modules, students will receive a HarperCollins Academy Certificate and be eligible join the HarperCollins Author Academy’s alumni network with benefits including the right to submit book proposals direct to HarperCollins to review for publication (HarperCollins will not be obliged to publish any manuscripts submitted by students, nor will students be obliged to accept offers made by HarperCollins and students will retain copyright in all their proposals and manuscripts).

Additionally for 12 months after the end of the course Students will be able to access the course materials, recorded Live Webinars and other videos.

At the end of both the spring and autumn courses students will receive a HarperCollins Author Academy Certificate. Each student can also join the Academy’s Alumni Network.

The Network is a community for underrepresented authors to continue the conversation, create critique circles, and meet industry professionals after completing the course.